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Our wines

Château de Suronde is a magical estate in the middle of the vineyard, surrounded by nature and shaped by the Layon river. Chateau de Suronde has 7 hectares of vineyard of 15-70 year old vines, all 100% Chenin Blanc. Of those, 5.5 hectares are Quarts de Chaume Appellation, the only Grand Cru in Loire Valley.

Château de Suronde has been organic for more than 20 years and the biodynamic practices have been restarted in 2017. The wine is made of Demeter grapes from our biodynamic vineyards. The estate also has 3,5ha of garden, farmland and forests, which creates a wonderful biodiversity. Ideal to create healthy ripe grapes, and noble rot grapes in the best years.

Château de Suronde will produce mainly dry white wine, and will produce the iconic sweet Quarts de Chaume wines in the best vintages only. Sweet Loire wines from Chenin Blanc have a remarkable acidity to balance the natural sweetness, resulting in very balanced wines that pair wonderfully well with a wide range of foods, and allowing the wines to age for several decades.