View on biodynamic vinyards

A magical place

Château de Suronde proposes “a magical wine experience”, it is a creative place, in line with the creation of the wine (made from biodynamic grapes since 2018) , where we also want to produce our own biodynamic plants for use in the vineyard, and over time also other biodynamic produce.
But it is also a creative place for artists, offering a residence to visual artists, writers and musicians.

The magic lies in the area where Château de Suronde is located, in the Anjou, a region in the Loire Valley more specific the “le Coteaux du Layon”. It is the most extensive terroir in the Anjou region. Along the Layon river, the vines are surounded and protected by hills. The views are spectacular and inspiring. Breathe in the fresh air, wander around and discover the many facets of this wine-growing region . The landscape that changes with the season ensures that there is always a good reason to let yourself be enchanted here. And don’t forget to listen to the sound of silence!

The Anjou wine-growing region has more than one face, and it’ll leave you with a thousand and one memories, guaranteed!

France's heritage site close to Suronde

Spend your holidays in the middle of nature

Château de Suronde is located in the heart of the Anjou terroir in the Loire Valley and offers two holiday residences.

If it’s French splendour, style and gastronomy you seek, the Loire Valley will exceed your expectations, no matter how great. Poised on the crucial frontier between northern and southern France, and just a short train or autoroute ride from Paris, the region was once of immense strategic importance. The region is also known for its famous castles and cities like Tours, Angers, Blois,.. yet more reasons why the entire area is an enormous Unesco World Heritage Site.

While it are the famous towns and castles at Angers and Saumur that get most of the attention in Anjou  don’t forget to explore the quiet countryside and the small villages elsewhere in the department to get a real flavour of this picturesque region of France. And that is exactly where you will find Château de Suronde.

The original Château de Suronde has been refreshed and furnished and you can rent it for holiday stays. Within walking distance of Château de Suronde you have Château de Bellerive also available for rental.

These two residences are literally at the end of the world, in the middle of nowhere, and in the middle of nature. So these places are for people who like peace and quiet, who love nature and wildlife.

Château de Suronde front entrance

Château de Suronde

You can rent Chateau de Suronde for a magical family holiday.

The original Chateau de Suronde has been refreshed and furnished . It has the most amazing view over the rolling vineyard hills and is surrounded by vineyards and forests.

It has 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. It has an open plan living and dining room with open door to the kitchen. There is also an office. The double doors in the living room lead to the lower terrace.

Enjoy the view and the silence.

Château de Suronde living and sitting room
Château de Suronde living room
Dining room at Château de Suronde
Kitchen at Château de Suronde
One of the 2 bedrooms at Château de Suronde
Bathroom at Château de Suronde
Château de Bellerive view from the driveway

Holiday at Château de Bellerive

Within walking distance of Château de Suronde you have Chateau de Bellerive also available for rental, with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a wonderful covered terrace also surrounded by nature and wildlife.

Château de Bellerive kitchen fully equiped
Château de Bellerive living room opening to the terrace
Château de Bellerive covered terrace
Château de Bellerive dining room
Château de Bellerive ensuite bedroom at the front
Château de Bellerive 2nd bathroom