Our wines

Château de Suronde is a magical estate in the middle of the vineyard, surrounded by nature and shaped by the Layon river. It has 7 hectares of vineyard of 15-70 year old vines, all 100% Chenin Blanc.
Of those, 5.5 hectares are Quarts de Chaume Appellation, the only Grand Cru in the Loire Valley.

Château de Suronde has been organic for more than 20 years and the biodynamic practices have been restarted in 2017. The wine is made of Demeter grapes from our biodynamic vineyards. The estate also has 10ha of garden, farmland and forests, which creates a wonderful biodiversity. Ideal to create healthy ripe grapes, and noble rot grapes in the best years.

The wines are made in the vineyard, through careful work and attention throughout the year, observation and selective intervention of biodynamic practices. Thus we create the ideal environment for the grapes to ripen to optimal ripeness for either dry or sweet wines.

During the harvest the grapes are picked by hand in several successive sorting processes after careful monitoring of their ripeness.

Dry white wines

Suronde also makes a range of dry white wine, with a range of minerality versus fruitiness.

The Blanc de Suronde is pleasant and fruity, a wine for immediate drinking.
The Chateau de Suronde has more concentration and minerality, while still retaining floral aromas. This wine strikes the ideal middle ground with aromatic pleasantness at first and layers of complexity below.
The Grand Vin de Suronde is the most mineral of the three, with a very lean body in its youth, that may seem sharp in its youth, but the wine develops a lot of complexity and smokiness over time, so this wine needs a few years of bottle age to reveal its true complexity and hidden powers.

Sweet wines

Suronde produces the iconic sweet Quarts de Chaume wines! The only Grand Cru in the Loire Valley. It takes rigorous work (Guyot simple pruning, severe selection of the buds, green harvest if needed …) and optimum weather conditions  to produce botrytised grapes. After a careful monitoring of the noble rot, the grapes are harvested manually in 2 picking. The grapes are sorted out directly at the vines and then taken to the winery.

And Coteaux du Layon sweet wines, with lower sugar concentration than the Quarts de Chaume wines. The aim is to obtain botrytised grapes with balanced acidity and medium sweetness. The wines have a remarkable acidity to balance the natural sweetness, resulting in very balanced wines that pair wonderfully well with a wide range of food, and allowing the wines to age for several decades.