Artist residence

Chateau de Suronde is a magical place of creation, for the wines through the biodynamic practices and for the sweet wines in particular through the noble rot created by the local microclimate.

But Chateau de Suronde is also a place of creation for artists. The magical environment, the location is so inspiring.

Kathleen wanted to create an artist’s residence in the Loire for some time, but she was looking for the right expertise.
At the art initiative Arture, an autonomous platform for and about art and artists that offers affordable art by professional Belgian contemporary artists, she met Sven Vanderstichelen and since 2017 they have been working together.
Sven is an entrepreneur and expert in Belgian contemporary art, with an obsession with objects, including art, furniture and utensils.

Together with Sven Kathleen has decorated the original Chateau de Suronde  as a place to stay for both the artists and the tourists.

Artists of all art forms are welcome and are encouraged to apply for a residence. They are selected by Sven. Each year artworks created at Suronde are selected by Kathleen and Sven (and purchased) to become the wine labels of the new vintage. And the launch of the new vintage is combined with an exhibition of the artist in residence.


We have announced this project in 2017 with the 2016 vintage of the Grand Vin with a white canvas label, indicating sublty “ceci n’est pas une etiquette”. The launch of this wine and the project was in Convento in Leuven with artwork from Luc Vandervelde Lux and David Russon.


The 2017 vintage feateres works from Stefan Peters, and the launch of the wines and the artwork were in Tour&Taxi in Brussels.


The 2018 vintage will bear the works from Bram Kinsbergen. The physical launch event has been postponed due to Covid.


The 2019 will feature the works of Pieter Jan Martyn.

Artists of all art forms who are looking for a magical and inspiring environment are welcome!

So if you want to be inspired by Château de Suronde, if you like to be our next artist in residence, don’t hesitate! Contact us and apply!

More Art

Together with Sven, Kathleen organizes events around art and wine, such as the release of the vintages of Château de Suronde.

There are many parallels between art and wine, both are unique objects, made by people, to be experienced and shared with other people. Both have stories that provide an extra dimension and new experiences, and that create added value in daily life.

The collaboration with Sven has also been extended to furniture and other objects used in Château de Suronde, Château de Bellerive and Château de Minière.

Kathleen also wants to use her experience as an entrepreneur, to bring other entrepreneurs and artists in contact with each other and ensure interesting cross-pollination.